General Requirements To Join

*These Rules Apply For New Recruits Only as of April 27th, 2010.

1. Rank---MSG 1+  .90Kdr+  Age-16Yrs+  MICROPHONE (Does not need to be entirely fulfilled.)

2. Clan Leader and Members must like you! (No QQing, Being Annoying, Etc. )

3. You will be tested whether you win or lose, by one of our selected members. Ar/Sniper capabilities :) 

4. No HACKING/GLITCHING (Team Viewed if needed)- Keep AiGoO Clean!

5. Must be an active player. 3+ days a week/few hours a day =]

6. I would like to know when you come online Ca. Try to say hi or join us in game :)

7. No Clan Hoppers :) 

8. Let us know if you will be inactive aka vacation/school/etc. Type in clan website chat box or send me a note on CA :) That way we'll know you're still alive! :P
AiGoO Tactics
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AiGoO Tactics - Practice Makes Perfect ^_^
AiGoO Having Fun ^___^
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